The Department of Conservation (DOC) looks after more than one-third of New Zealand, including 14 National Parks, 34 marine reserves and six marine mammal sanctuaries, on your behalf. That’s right, for you.

Infographic: We manage 8.5 million hectares on behalf of 4.5 million New Zealanders.

It’s a big job, and we couldn’t do it without a lot of help from our friends. People like you. That’s right, you.

You are a stakeholder in this story—and there’s a lot at stake. Get involved. We’d love to see you invested. The returns are priceless.

By working together we can make New Zealand the greatest living space on Earth.

New Zealand does have its oddities, its strange beasts and weird plants. By this I don’t mean kiwi or tuatara, but lesser known creatures, the ones which have no hope of gracing a coin or a stamp.

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DOC ranger, Stefan Sebregts, and the man who picked up up a ‘kiwibird’ on the side of the road in Papakura.

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On a recent sunny Sunday afternoon DOC staff in Oamaru helped the Landcare Trust out at their planting day along the banks of the Kakanui River.

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Our photo of the week shows an orange fronted parakeet/kākāriki karaka—the rarest of our parakeet/kākāriki species.

Orange fronted parakeet/kākāriki karaka. Photo copyright Sabine Bernert. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

In the past decade, rat and stoat explosions have wiped out some breeding strongholds for our orange fronted parakeet and reduced other local populations by up to 85%.

Orange fronted parakeet were one of the species targeted for protection in our Battle for our Birds campaign to combat this year’s rat and stoat plague.

This week the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, Dr Jan Wright, congratulated DOC on the initial results of the campaign, which successfully knocked down predator populations in key target areas.

Photo © Sabine Bernert. Used with permission.

A recent sunny Sunday in Marlborough saw nearly 90 teams of families exploring Meadowbank Station near Blenheim—maps and passports in hand—carrying out eco-challenges with the help of a bunch of community organisations and volunteers.

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A story about the humble conservation legend, Arthur Blair Cowan MBE, who passed away in Otorohanga last month, aged 98.

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