A tribute to mums

Department of Conservation —  08/05/2016

This Mother’s Day we pay tribute to New Zealand mums ensuring the survival of our native species. Here’s some of our favourite maternal pics.

Today mums, we salute you!


A mother and newly born sea lion pup in Sandy Bay, Enderby Island, Auckland Islands. Photo: Andrew Maloney.



Hector’s dolphin mother and calf, Haylock’s Bay, Banks Peninsula. Photo: Alistair Hutt.



A family of whio/blue duck in Tongariro National Park. Photo: Tyronne Smith.


Takahe and chick. Photo: Sian Moffitt

Feeding time for a takahe and chick at Wairakei Sanctuary. Photo: Sian Moffitt


The chick at 17 days old.

The #RoyalCam northern royal albatross chick and parent at 17 days old. Taiaroa Head, Otago.



A weka and chick. Image by Anita Gould (CC 2.0)



A mother paradise duck and young. Photo: Bernard Spragg (CC 2.0)


Australasian Gannet feeding chick, Hawkes Bay. Photo: © Janice McKenna.

Feeding time from mum for this Australasian gannet chick. Photo: © Janice McKenna



Kākāpō mum Kuia on her second Anchor Island nest this breeding season. Photo: Kākāpō ranger Theo Thompson.


DOC wishes you all the best this Mother’s Day.

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