Wildside New Zealand — from pixels to paper

If you cast your mind back to August last year, you might remember my blog post asking you to ‘Join me on the Wildside‘ a new social media community run by DOC on Facebook and Twitter.

Today, I’m proud to be one of over 9,000 people who ‘like’ Wildside and aspire to the ‘Aotearoa New Zealand. Live it. Love it. Look after it. Together.’ vision.

Of course, we’d love to have more people join us, which is why we’ve created these beautiful postcards and posters to raise its profile in the ‘real’ i.e. offline world.

Wildside poster.

As a member of DOC’s web team I see a lot of beautiful images every day, but when I saw that photo of North East Gorge Stream, looking towards Mount Sibbald in Canterbury, I knew it was the one for our Wildside project.

Alana McCrossin, the amazing DOC designer who drew the short straw to work with me on this, agreed.

I contacted the Sydney based photographer, Tim Donnelly, to ask if he’d let us use his image for our extremely worthy cause, and he kindly agreed—sacrificing his time and money to help.

So, as much as this post is a shout out to Wildside—it’s also a shout out to the generous, talented, Tim Donnelly—and everyone else who willingly shares their time, gifts and talents to help grow conservation.

Check back on Thursday when Tim’s going to share the story behind ‘that photo’ with us.

Note: You will see the Wildside posters (on display) and postcards (free to take) in DOC visitor centres around the country.

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