World Cup event kick-starts Conservation Week

Rob Griffiths —  15/09/2009
DOC Trials Zone

Dropping in at the UCI Trials final

Conservation Week in Rotorua was kick started with the UCI Trails World Cup over the weekend. DOC Rotorua was a major sponsor of the event having a ‘Trials Zone’ and a trade stand showcasing Conservation Week events and Mountain Biking opportunities with DOC.

Trials’ riding is exceptionally spectator friendly with small courses requiring extreme levels of skill and athleticism. Check it out at:

The trade stand provided a great platform to showcase Conservation week events to the people of Rotorua and to plug the Conservation Week Passport to drive event attendance. With 1000’s of people in attendance at the world cup we definitely were able to interact and inform them of the events coming up.

Going big again!

How far can you bunny hop?

The reception to the mountain biking aspect to the trade stand was awesome with a great feel good factor from the public. The public were excited and encouraged to see that DOC in Bay of Plenty, Waikato & Tongariro/Taupo are mountain biker friendly with a great deal of good feedback on existing trails and interest of new & recent developments. There was huge interest in the new Moerangi Trail in the Whirinaki and the proposed National Cycleway in Puerora.

Big thanks to everyone involved from the Rotorua Lakes office and to all the DOC staff that provided material, maps & brochures to support our display.

Flying the flag

DOC - Flying the flag

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