Sirocco the kakapo’s baby snaps

Department of Conservation —  16/10/2009

Ain’t it always the way? The moment you get famous someone drags out the baby photos.

Here’s Sirocco when he was 14 days old. The photo was taken on Codfish Island, on 6 April 1997, and Sirocco weighed 185 grams.

Sirocco the kakapo - a handful even at 14 days. Photo Don Merton.

Sirocco the kakapo - a handful even at 14 days

This photo shows Sirocco when he was 38 days old, being treated for a respiratory ailment. The machine attached to his “bubble” is a nebuliser, which delivers medicine as a fine mist.

Sirocco the Bubble Boy. Photo Rosalind Cole.

Sirocco the Bubble Boy

A slightly forlorn-looking Sirocco waits to be enclosed in the plastic bubble with his nebuliser.

Sirocco gets set up with his nebuliser. Photo Rosalind Cole.

Sirocco gets set up with his nebuliser

You’ll find more photos of Sirocco on Flickr.

7 responses to Sirocco the kakapo’s baby snaps


    sirocco has an identity problems. when trying to breed he goes after the species that raised him. that means humans.

    Lisa Bricknell 16/10/2009 at 5:36 pm

    Poor Sirocco! I’ve had to use a nebuliser many times for asthma- I know what you went through.


    sirocco is such a beautiful bird. i am enjoying following him on twitter.

    cute baby pictures, by the way.

    Beth Masser 16/10/2009 at 4:27 pm

    Nice to see Sirocco achieving international notoriety!