Haast tokoeka egg

 —  06/11/2009

With only 300 Haast tokoeka kiwi left in the wild this is a species that needs a special helping hand. DOC’s kiwi rangers monitor nests in the remote Haast Tokoeka Kiwi Sanctuary and when the eggs are ready they are flown to Willowbank Wildlife Reserve  and hatched thanks to BNZ Operation Nest Egg. It’s a huge effort involving a large number of people such as the NZ Conservation Trust, businesses, organisations and Iwi all doing what they can to help out.

Once hatched the young chicks go to a temporary island where they fend for themselves in an enviroment that is free from predators. In about a year they are big enough to give a stoat a good kicking and they go back home to increase the sanctuary’s breeding potential.

If you ever happen to be in Christchurch set aside a bit of time to visit the kiwi facility at Willowbank Wildlife Reserve  – its great.