Pest success

 —  11/11/2009

Monitoring shows that continuous stoat trapping and occasional use of biodegradable 1080 poison has boosted the population of endangered mohua in the Landsborough Valley in South Westland NZ. Elsewhere this unique little bird is completely defenceless against rats and stoats. Rebecca Wilson from South Westland explains what’s happening in this remote location:

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    Ian Gill (DOC) 11/01/2011 at 11:14 am

    Ray, your ideas about fines and punishment are a bit over the top when you consider the amount of native wildlife killed by motorists. Traps also have an unwanted by-kill of native wildlife. Incidentally, the environment is not poisoned by 1080 use because it is biodegradable and it does not accumulate in the food chain. It’s a great pest control tool.


    Hi Ian
    Just because other things kill birds does not make good sense to futher compound the problem by taking risks and poisoning their environment with 1080. If you know there is a risk to the birds Just keep to safe trapping otherwise stop using it. Fines and punishment should be in place the same as for the general public for DOC harming native wildlife no excuses.

    Ray Foxley

    Ian Gill (DOC) 18/02/2010 at 4:17 pm

    Hi Ange, 50% of kea nests have been killed by predators at Okarito this season. Back in 2007 DOC’s scientists were concerned that a baiting practice introduced a couple of years earlier might be problem for kea. They got trials started which showed zero mortality at one operation but seven out of 17 kea died at the other operation in Fox. As a consequence of this a much larger study was started for kea which has led to bait changes in kea habitat. There were zero problems at two trials using the revised baiting practice designed for kea habitat. Check out this link to see a video by the guy in charge of the research:

    ange murtha 18/02/2010 at 9:35 am

    great work guys! but why dont you show the whole story of what you are doing, the whole 1080 drop, the keas eating the 1080, ive lived in fox glacier and the kea were amazing at the pubs, like annoying little kids, i wonder why you dont see them any more, what was it? 17 tagged and 7 died after the 1080 drops, you guys out to be patted on the back for destroying the very things you are trying to save.
    when are we going to be listened to and finally put an end to this inhumane poison?