PM names Sirocco the kakapo a conservation ambassador

 —  29/01/2010

Today is a proud moment for DOC, for kakapo and for lovers of big green budgies everywhere.

This year is the International Year of Biodiversity, a year when we can make a difference to our natural living space, a year we celebrate our amazing, unique biodiversity.

So to mark this special year and in recognition of Sirocco the kakapo’s celebrity status, our world famous parrot has been officially recognized as a conservation ambassador by the Prime Minister John Key!

You can see the film clip of the Prime Minister making the announcement on YouTube (this link opens in a new window).

Sirocco’s appointment to Spokesbird for Conservation is believed to be a world first – and why not?!

New Zealand has an extraordinary number of animals and plants not found anywhere else in the world. The richness and diversity of these animals and plants, together with our landscapes, waterways and coastlines, create our unique biodiversity – our natural living space.

We have a vast wealth of unique animals and plants – we have the world’s only flightless, nocturnal parrot, the world’s smallest marine dolphin, the last surviving member of the dinosaur family – New Zealand is a treasure trove of natural, beautiful stuff. But we also have one of the highest percentages of threatened species in the world. We have so much to lose so we need to do more to protect them. Sirocco represents what makes us so special, what we could lose if we don’t remain vigilent and recognise the true value of what we have.

Sirocco is on Facebook and Twitter so join in, get involved, and follow his adventures at:

You can also read about the International Year of Biodiversity on the DOC website.

Sirocco the avatar

Sirocco as he appears on his new website

4 responses to PM names Sirocco the kakapo a conservation ambassador


    Thanks for your efforts in saving the Kakapo and other New Zealand wildlife. My favourite picture of the Kakapo was by Ron Cometti.

    Donna Williams 22/02/2010 at 10:30 am

    Hi Erin and Tyla
    We think that saving our special birds and nature is really important work and we hope that you would like to help us. There’s lots of information on our website about getting involved. It can be heaps of fun! Thank you for caring.



    THankyou For saving lots of Birds

    lives. THakyou for saving the Nature.

    p.s thankyou ERIN AND TYLA

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