Show New Zealand how much you love it for Conservation Week 2010

 —  27/08/2010

Kia ora!

We’re counting down to the start of our Conservation Week 2010 celebrations from 12-19 September. Conservation Week is an advocacy campaign that we run in partnership with TVNZ 6 and it’s all about showing New Zealand how much you love it by learning about our special places and wildlife, and taking part in activities and events throughout the country.

To help spread the word we created 2 posters. We needed some good images to make them stand out so we grabbed a photographer, rounded up some DOC staff and friends to be our models and set out to stage a beach clean-up and planting – 2 easy things you can do to show Aotearoa you love it. Here’s how it all went down at the beach clean-up photo shoot…

Behind the scenes at the Conservation Week 2010 photo shoot

Pamela practices her beach clean-up pose...

Behind the scenes at the Conservation Week 2010 photo shoot

Robyn and Shelley battle it out for the role of DOC's super(hand)model...

Show your country you love it - Conservation Week poster

Ta-da - the finished product

You can download your own versions of the posters:

Show your country you love it – Conservation Week 2010 poster

Show your natural affection for NZ – Conservation Week 2010 poster

Our wildlife, natural areas and the places that are part of our history are really special.  From them we get places to enjoy, to have adventures and find solitude. But more than that they give us the things we need to be healthy and to live well like fresh water to drink, clean air to breathe and healthy soils to grow our food. They’re also an important part of what makes us who we are as Kiwis and what makes our country so unique.

All of those things are definitely worth celebrating so check out, find out what’s happening in your area and join us to show New Zealand how much you love it!

6 responses to Show New Zealand how much you love it for Conservation Week 2010


    I would be willing to buy the song if my money went to conservation week.

    Also, what is the song called????

      Emma Hartley 15/09/2010 at 3:45 pm

      Thanks for your enthusiasm Lara but unfortunately the song isn’t for sale. It’s simply called L-O-V-E.



    is it Jason Kerrison? Will it be available for download?

      Emma Hartley 13/09/2010 at 12:19 pm

      Hi Chloe

      Good guess but the artist was Nathan King. It was a special recording for the Conservation Week 2010 commercial so it won’t be available for download. I’m glad you like it though.


    Emma Hartley 08/09/2010 at 10:18 am

    Hi Amos,

    A New Zealand artist sang the version on the ad.



    the song on the ad is from nat king cole, who sings the version on the ad