Love NZ on Screen for Conservation Week

 —  13/09/2010

Gemma from NZ on Screen got in touch with me this morning and recommended the following videos as great Conservation Week viewing. These are all free, high-quality videos from NZ screen history, available to all.

Here are some faves:

Seven Black Robins – incredible, dramatic 1980 documentary

Moa’s Ark (with David Bellamy) series –

The Unnatural History of the Kakapo –

The Black Stilt –

Wildlife of the Mountains – amazing 1958 doco about the wildlife of the Upper Waitaki –

Kea – Mountain Parrot –

Bandits of the Beech Forest (wasps vs Kaka) –

Emperors of Antarctica –
Old Man’s Beard Must Go!
and here is the Peter Hayden-curated ‘Nature’ collection as a single great link:

What gems! Thanks Gemma!

4 responses to Love NZ on Screen for Conservation Week


    Added link to but will be adding a page to the featuring this if ok ?


    I edit a magazine for Ducks Unlimited NZ called Flight. This would interest our readers nationwide – may I put this into the magazine?

      Emma Hartley 16/09/2010 at 10:08 am

      Hi Gail,

      Go for it. NZ on Screen would appreciate the publicity.