Vote now! Remix the sounds of NZ competition

Sirocco the Spokesbird —  10/06/2011

Voting has closed. Read about our winner.

The judges have chosen the top five entries. Now it’s up to you to pick the winner!

The judges – Sirocco the rock star kakapo and Simon (the mad morepork) Owl – have chosen the top five entries

The grand finale

This is it. The grand finale of “Remix my mates during NZ Music Month and make me a bona fide rock star!”

At the end of this week long voting extravaganza our winner will be crowned.

The judges say ‘In the woods’ by Matt Oliver has a slight edge, but we all know these things rarely go the way the judges expect.

It’s going to be a spectacle of epic proportions – and the decision is in your hands.

Bird call

First up, let’s welcome to the page, Shayne Burrows of New Plymouth with ‘Bird call’.

Shane mixed the bird calls from the DOC website with his own music to create this mellow groove.

Bird call, Shayne Burrows (MP3, 2,733K)

The judges say:

“Best performance of the night, so far”

“Dawg, we got a hot one!”

In the woods

Now, please give a warm welcome to London based New Zealander Matt Oliver with ‘In the woods’.

Except for the tui all the bird song came from the DOC website. Everything else is composed or sampled by Shane. There is a track of cicadas and wood hammering noises heard and recorded from his mum and dad’s place in Auckland – the definitive sounds of New Zealand perhaps?!

In the woods, Matt Oliver (MP3, 4,034K)

The judges say:

“This guy is in it to win it!”

“I am in awe. Very hot dope cool track.”

King Kakapo & the Waipoua Posse

Next, let me introduce Wellingtonian Joey Hobbs!

Joey (aka Absalom) drew inspiration from the sound of desperation in the kakapo call. He gives us some pretty heavy, low key dubstep using bird song from the DOC website. So, without further ado, let’s get into ‘King Kakapo and the Waipoua Posse’!

King Kakapo & the Waipoua Posse, Joey Hobbs (MP3, 5,654K)

The judges say:

“You slayed it dude”

“Well, hellfire, save matches, love a kakapo and see what hatches!”

Moimoia (dream/memory)

And all the way from sunny Nelson, please put your hands together for Liiiiiiaaaaaam Rryaaaan with ‘Moimoia’, remixing the sweet, sweet sounds of New Zealand’s only surviving native owl, the morepork/ruru.

Moimoia (dream/memory), Liam Ryan (MP3, 6,118K)

The judges say:

“Love when you break into your morepork/ruru what-it-is-ness.”

“From my melodic sensibility, it was really delicious.”

Sirocco’s theme

Finally, to finish off this perfect page of performances, let’s hear it for another Liam. Heeeere’s Liam White, with ‘Sirocco’s theme’. And, with a title like that, there is nothing, nothing, more to say. Take it away Liam!

Sirocco’s Theme, Liam White (MP3, 5,460K)

The judges say:

“It’s a work of art, a thing of beauty… and I will finish that off with a double helping of ooh-yeah.”

“You slammed it.”

The unique melodies of the tui proved to be popular with our remix artists

So, there you have it folks. Your top five!

Both Simon Owl and my good kakapo self were completely blown away by all the entries. People have done amazing things in a very short time. And we weren’t only impressed because so many people featured the morepork and kakapo!

We’ve got something special here folks. Our birds, our music, our identity – be proud.

You’ll be able to check out all 14 entries after the winner is announced on Monday 20 June but, right now, you need to vote for your favourite!

Who do you think is worthy? Let us know in the comments and be sure to cast your official vote over on

Voting closes Friday 17 June at 12.00 pm New Zealand Standard Time.

Read my ‘Remix my mates during NZ Music Month and make me a bona fide rock star!’ post.

9 responses to Vote now! Remix the sounds of NZ competition


    Great sounds and a very cool competition.


    Same here. I think I’ll leave them running for a while before voting. Some of them really grow on you after listening a few times.

    Hey Nic, I thought you came across well on Morning Report the other morning, especially towards the end.


    Sirocco’s Theme is great. “You slammed it” is right on!

    Lynnette ard 10/06/2011 at 4:51 pm

    Wow, it’s really hard to choose the one I like best. What a talented lot of people we have out there. I hope to use this with some of the classes I teach. Perhaps they could all vote for their favourites too.


    I LOVE these entries. working from home, listening to them in the background – very uplifting and inspiring. you’re going to have a hard job picking the winners guys!


      Sirocco the Spokesbird 10/06/2011 at 2:01 pm

      Boom! Thanks Nic. I’m excited to have so many great tracks to groove to. The votes are already pouring in. It will be a very interesting race!

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