Jobs at DOC: Dave Cade, freshwater threats ranger

Department of Conservation —  08/06/2012

Every Friday Jobs at DOC will take you behind the scenes and into the jobs, the challenges, the highlights, and the personalities of the people who work at the Department of Conservation.

Today we profile Dave Cade, freshwater threats ranger…

Name: David Cade—known as Didymo Dave

Dave spreading the message: check, clean, dry

Position: Freshwater threats ranger, based in Turangi

At work…

What kind of things do you do in your role?

Spread the CHECK CLEAN DRY/kaitiakitanga message far and wide by whatever means, far or foul.

What is the best part about your job?

I don’t have a job—I’m on a mission for New Zealand.

What led you to your role in DOC?

They came looking for me!

What was your highlight from the month just gone?

Two mates adapted a small log splitter to an aluminium can crusher so I can crush the hundreds of cans we pick up from off the side of the road, restaurants, and bars etc. so much faster. The proceeds from the sale of the cans are donated to conservation projects.

Dave at work

The rule of three…

Three loves

  1. Trout fishing
  2. Waikato rugby teams
  3. Creedence Clearwater Revival

Three pet peeves

  1. People who don’t respect their country
  2. People who drop rubbish
  3. Selfish people

    Dave at work

Three favourite places in New Zealand

  1. Anywhere when I’m with my two sons
  2. Hinemaiaia Stream in Taupo
  3. Lake Taupo

Favourite book

The Bible—love the story of David who kicked the snot out of Goliath.

Deep and meaningful…

What piece of advice would you tell your 18 year old self?

Dream bigger dreams then go chase them!

Who or what inspires you and why?

Jeff Donaldson—Otago Regional Council, Billy Graham—a boxer from Wellington, and the Late General Patton. Men on a mission!

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A dairy farmer—I was until my health packed up.

And now, if you weren’t working at DOC, what would you want to be?

I’d be running my own business again.

What sustainability tip would you like to pass on?

Aluminium cans can fund a lot of conservation—don’t throw them away.

If you could be any New Zealand native species for a day, what would you be and why?

A North Island robin, the cutest little things around.

What piece of advice or message would you want to give to New Zealanders when it comes to conservation?

This country is worth fighting for!

Dave’s stoat tail project

The stoat tail project started a couple of years back. I get tails sent to me from around New Zealand. I tie them into trout flies in my own time and then sell them through a conservation-minded fishing store for $5 per fly.

I make no charge for materials or time, the store charges no commission, and all proceeds are donated to a trapping line that is on the Hinemaiaia Stream, 20 minutes south of Taupo which is run by my son and I again in our spare time. We have built up to 125 traps, and just on 600 rats, stoats, and weasels have been trapped.

Stoat tail fly

Stoat traps

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    LYNNETTE WARD 08/06/2012 at 6:15 pm

    I love it that Credence Clearwater Revival is a favourite, given the nature of your job, it’s a perfect fit!