Heather Jock Hut

Department of Conservation —  29/04/2013

Chrissy Wickes a Biodiversity Ranger based in the Te Anau Area Office tells us why she loved her recent hut break.

Why I loved my recent tramping trip to Heather Jock Hut:

1) It was easy for the family to walk, a great little overnight treat.

The view from Heather Jock Hut.

The view from Heather Jock Hut

2) We stayed in a really cool old hut in the tussock tops

An old biscuit tin at Heather Jock Hut.

A piece of history

3) We saw some amazing historic huts on the way to Heather Jock hut.

Chrissy outside Heather Jock Hut.

Outside the hut

4) There was a wee bit of shade and a small waterfall on the way to give us relief from a very hot afternoon

Chrissy relaxing inside the hut.

Inside the hut

5) Nobody else was staying there when we arrived – just as well as there were only 3 beds!

2 responses to Heather Jock Hut

    chrissy wickes 08/05/2013 at 1:36 pm

    yes it was pretty damn cool. Life & Leisure in the great outdoors!

    Chantelle Taylor 29/04/2013 at 10:04 am

    I absolutely love that first pic Chrissy. The colours of the grass and the gorgeous old hut, with the mountains in behind, are just stunning. This looks like a photo spread from Life & Leisure magazine!