Photo of the week: Newly hatched dotterell chicks

Department of Conservation —  16/07/2014

Today’s photo of the week is of two newly hatched dotterell/tūturiwhatu chicks in their nest on a Bay of Plenty beach.

Their camouflaged eggs are laid in a scrape in the sand, and can be easily crushed by beach goers as they’re sometimes hard to see.

Newly hatched dotterel chicks in a nest on a beach. Photo: Mithuna Sothieson.

DOC is looking for volunteers in the eastern Bay of Plenty area to get involved with the conservation of our feathered shore friends.

Volunteers will need to be able to commit for the duration of the shorebird season which runs from September to February. More information is available on the DOC website.

Photo by DOC Services Ranger Mithuna Sothieson.


2 responses to Photo of the week: Newly hatched dotterell chicks


    When was photo taken?


      Hi Sharon, this photo was taken last season (2013) in mid-October, and both chicks seen through to fledging!