Funky fungi hunting in Westland

Department of Conservation —  24/07/2014

By Jo Mead, Partnerships Ranger in Franz Josef

We can often get fixated on the grandeur of the Southern Alps and the centuries-old rimu forest in this amazing place where we live and work in Westland.

Southern Alps with big boulders in the foreground.

The grandeur of the Southern Alps

However if we stop and look down at our feet among the leaf litter and fallen branches, we can find sights that are just as incredible — funky fungi as well as some spectacular mosses and ferns to discover.

Leaf litter and broken branches.

Amongst the leaf litter and broken branches

Here are some photos I’ve recently taken of the amazing fungi, ferns and mosses I’ve come across.

One response to Funky fungi hunting in Westland


    We love getting out and exploring the undergrowth – “fungi hunting” we call it and most of our autumn walks are dedicated to the search of fungi. Great fun and it is amazing to see the life at the bottom of the forest floor for a change.