Photo of the week: Hoiho hatching

Department of Conservation —  19/11/2014

Today’s photo, taken on Monday, shows a rare hoiho / yellow-eyed penguin about to hatch. The front egg has commenced pipping, and you can see the egg tooth on the end of the chick’s beak.

Yellow eyed penguin and her eggs. Photo: Barry Atkinson.

Unique to New Zealand, the hoiho, or yellow-eyed penguin, is one of the world’s rarest penguin, so it’s exciting to see that chicks are on their way!

Very soon adult penguins will have hungry mouths to feed.

Be sure to observe these marvellous creatures from a distance, so they reach their chicks in time for dinner.

This photo was taken by DOC Ranger, Barry Atkinson. Thanks for sharing the joy with us!

3 responses to Photo of the week: Hoiho hatching


    excellent shot!


    Love the photo! Here’s hoping for healthy fat chicks =)


    Great story and photograph, from a very imaginative persective. It could be one for the proud parents’ family album and must be a first from a camera-wielding penguin.