Photo of the week: Loder Cup winner Clive Paton

Department of Conservation —  03/12/2014

Respected conservationist, Clive Paton of Martinborough, was awarded the 2014 Loder Cup this past week, for his significant contribution to habitat restoration in New Zealand.

Today’s photo shows Clive and his wife Phyll with the Loder Cup (hopefully they’ve got a big mantelpiece!), which is awarded annually for outstanding achievements in flora conservation work.

Clive Paton with his wife, Phyll, displaying the Loder cup and certificate.

Clive is involved in so many different initiatives that we’d run out of space if we listed them all. But here’s a starter for six:

  1. Long-time supporter of Project Crimson, which restores New Zealand’s rata and pohutukawa trees.
  2. Board Director for the Pukaha Mount Bruce Wildlife Centre.
  3. Owner and restorer of ‘the Bush Block’ south of Martinborough.
  4. Instrumental in forming Waihora Watch, to protect the Waihora Stream catchment area.
  5. Founding Chairman of the Aorangi Restoration Trust, a community-led project working to enhance the natural heritage values of the Aorangi Forest Park and surrounding area.
  6. He’s also founder and co-owner of the Ata Rangi vineyard in Martinborough.

Hopefully that list doesn’t make you feel like less of a person (we don’t know how he does it either!) but instead inspires you to see just how much one person with passion can achieve.

Congratulations Clive!