Everything we do, we do it for you

Department of Conservation —  22/12/2014

The Department of Conservation (DOC) looks after more than one-third of New Zealand, including 14 National Parks, 34 marine reserves and six marine mammal sanctuaries, on your behalf. That’s right, for you.

Infographic: We manage 8.5 million hectares on behalf of 4.5 million New Zealanders.

It’s a big job, and we couldn’t do it without a lot of help from our friends. People like you. That’s right, you.

You are a stakeholder in this story—and there’s a lot at stake. Get involved. We’d love to see you invested. The returns are priceless.

By working together we can make New Zealand the greatest living space on Earth.

6 responses to Everything we do, we do it for you


    Like a majority of New Zealander’s I do not want DoC to “look after” one third of NZ by poisoning NZ’s wildlife with deadly poisons 1080 & brodificaum (rat poison). Please email me at jimehilton@gmail.com and I will send you a link explaining why? DoC sadly stands for Department of Contamination. DoC, get your act together and outlaw this ECOCIDE. Public PARTICIPATION & CONSULTATION is what is needed, not PATHETIC PUBLIC PROPAGANDA by media releases and spin doctors. DoC is a Government Department, administered by Government SERVANTS. Its acting like a CONSERVATION CORPORATION, manipulating the public and destroying wildlife for profit.


    Merry Xmas 2014, and I am still a bit sad that my contract was finished just 2 days before all DOC employees got a life time hut pass, yeah, I love NZ and will forever remeber my manager who should have known better at the time.

    If only I could exchange my pounamu I was given to a life time Hut pass?

    There are DOC employees with 2 life time hut passes!

    Seasons greetings and may 2015 be a good year for DOC and all of NZ nature heritage, Sergre /:)


    Well done guys and thanks heaps – we think you do an awesome job!