More people participate in recreation

Department of Conservation —  27/12/2014

Study after study shows time spent outside in nature increases happiness, health and wellbeing. We want those benefits for all New Zealanders. Who doesn’t?!

74% of New Zealanders aged 18+ visited public conservation land last year.

2.5 million New Zealanders aged 18+ visited public conservation land in the past year, which is great.

We would, of course, love to see all New Zealanders out enjoying the places we look after on their behalf.

Visit the DOC website to plan your next trip—and consider taking an uninitiated friend on the adventure—we all know someone who could do with an extra shot of happiness, health and wellbeing!

2 responses to More people participate in recreation

    Patricia Thomas 11/01/2015 at 9:51 pm

    We have returned from a stay at Matata Doc camp in my opinion you would go along way to find a better clean and well run camp .Donna and Jerry are to be commended for the wonderful people skills they display every day to all campers they take time to explain how the camp operates. I would also like to express how nice it is to have the beach and lagoon tracks mown this certainly makes it easier for older campers to enjoy as well as the young.


      Thanks so much Patricia. We’re glad you had a great stay at DOC’s Matata campsite. We’ll be sure to pass your comment on to Donna and Jerry (and the rest of the DOC team in the beautiful Eastern Bay of Plenty.