Hunting for the Environment

Department of Conservation —  03/01/2015

This one’s for the hunters:

Hunting for the Environment was put together by the DOC team in South Westland and features Fox Glacier and Haast Rangers Blair Hoult, Tim Butcher and Andrew Jolliffe.

The video encourages hunters to enjoy South Westland’s backcountry and help with wild animal control. It also has some good information on the unique biodiversity found in the South Westland area.

Importantly, the video also demonstrates that hunters and DOC often have the same goals and values in caring for and appreciating the environment.

Learn more about hunting on conservation land.

2 responses to Hunting for the Environment


    Thanks, great article. Is there any evidence to show that hunting has any effect on pest populations (in general)?


      Ian Cooksley 27/01/2015 at 9:33 am


      It depends on a range of factors.

      Location: For those sites where re-invasion is not an issue e.g. islands (surrounded by water or clear country) hunting can result in eradication of local popoulations. For those areas with constant re-invasion unless the hunting is constant the impact may be minimal.

      Timing: For some species hunting pressure at the right time e.g. just before and during breeding time, can have positive benefits.

      Level of protection required: Often the values to be protected will dictate the level of animal reduction to be effective. Coupled with this at most sites is the reality of a level of animal presence required to maintain hunting interest. In some cases this is not compatible and the Department undertakes animal control to lower levels than recreational hunting might otherwise achieve.

      In general hunting pressure at present (with reduced helicopter activity)is not stopping the increase in animal numbers in a lot of areas.

      All the best.