Photo of the week: Little white kiwi

Department of Conservation —  11/03/2015

Today’s photo is of one of the two white North Island brown kiwi discovered at Pukaha Mount Bruce last week.

A DOC ranger found the two newly hatched white kiwi, asleep in a burrow, while out checking another kiwi’s transmitter.

White kiwi at Pukaha Mount Bruce.

The white feathers are caused by a recessive gene in both parents. Five white kiwi have hatched at Pukaha Mount Bruce since 2010.

These two newest kiwi chicks were given a health check by DOC and Pukaha staff, who confirmed the pair were in good health.

One response to Photo of the week: Little white kiwi


    Wow what an exciting find. What a little cutie – doesn’t really look like a kiwi but adorable all the same.