Photo of the week: Great spotted kiwi / roroa transfer

Department of Conservation —  22/04/2015

Last week, after years of hard work, the award-winning Hurunui College Nina Valley Restoration Group helped transfer six great spotted kiwi/roroa into the Nina valley area of Lake Sumner Forest Park.

Today’s photo shows the students, and others, giving the endangered kiwi a lift to their new home.

Nina Valley Restoration Trust students with boxes. Photo: Steve Attwood.

Before the school group started pest control in the valley, kiwi was on the verge of being lost in the area. Now, we’re looking at the prospect of a self-sustaining population there.

This project involved more than 80 young people and their families, and has also inspired other groups in the area to link up their pest control efforts.

The school group’s work is inspiring and shows us all what can be achieved when the community and DOC work together.

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    What a fantastic experience, something I’m sure they’ll treasure for years to come.