Jobs at DOC: Doris Johnston, Deputy Director-General

Department of Conservation —  08/05/2015

Come behind the scenes and into the jobs, the challenges, the highlights, and the personalities of the people who work at the Department of Conservation (DOC).

Today we profile Deputy Director-General Policy and Regulatory Services Doris Johnston who leaves DOC today after almost 25 years.

Doris standing in front of Fox Glacier.

Doris at Fox Glacier

Doris began working for DOC in September 1990. Her first role was senior planner in the Wellington Conservancy, working on resource management and conservation management strategies.

She left in 1994 to take up a role in the Ministry for the Environment, before returning to DOC as Coastal Unit Manager in 1996.

Doris later moved into policy, where she progressed through the ranks as analyst, manager and general manager before becoming Deputy Director-General for Policy and Regulatory Services.

Doris visiting the Hamilton DOC office.

Visiting the Hamilton office

One of the highlights of her work at DOC has been working on the Treaty settlement process and a broad range of natural resource policy across Government.

She also feels fortunate to have been able to represent DOC abroad, including being part of the 2010 delegation to Kakadu National Park Australia.

DOC delegation to Kakadu National Park.

Kakadu National Park

“Some of the most challenging times especially in my leadership role have been about growing conservation in New Zealand and developing the Department to continue to be successful as New Zealand society, economy and environment changes.

“Conservation and the New Zealand public have been and will continue to be well served by the commitment and skills of the people who work in the Department of Conservation.”

Doris is moving on to the position of Deputy Director of Policy and Special Projects at the Office of Treaty Settlements.

“The new role is a great opportunity for me to work in an area which will influence the future of New Zealand society and the management of natural resources in New Zealand.”

The DOC Senior leadership team on Kapiti Island in 2014.

The DOC Senior leadership team on Kapiti Island in 2014

From all of us, so long Doris, and the very best of luck for your new role.