Photo of the week: Government Buildings Historic Reserve

Department of Conservation —  22/07/2015

Today’s photo is of the Old Government Buildings in Wellington, the largest wooden building in the Southern Hemisphere.

Built in 1876 it once housed our entire public service and for 56 years it was also the home of Ministers’ offices and the Cabinet room.


On 25 July Wellington marks 150 years as the capital city. To celebrate DOC is hosting a spectacular ‘two day tea break‘ at the Government Buildings Historic Reserve this Saturday and Sunday.

There will be a range of vintage cars on display, free tea and biscuits and a theatre performance that will take you back in time to Richard Seddon’s Cabinet Room.

More information is available on the DOC website.

2 responses to Photo of the week: Government Buildings Historic Reserve


    Wish I could be there for the celebration! It’s a gorgeous building.

    My dad worked there as a painter (lots to do!) many years ago, and my mother said her grandfather was actually involved in building it.


      We wish you could be there too Shayne! It surely is one of the great wooden buildings of the world and, with such a strong family connection to the place, it would no doubt be extra significant for you.