Photo of the week: U.S. Ambassador meets Kākāpō Ambassador

Department of Conservation —  26/08/2015

Yesterday marked 99 years since the establishment of the National Park Service in the United States by President Woodrow Wilson.

To celebrate this occasion the U.S. Ambassador to New Zealand, Mark Gilbert, met with our very own ambassador bird, Sirocco the kākāpō, last night at Zealandia.

U.S. Ambassador with Sirocco the kākāpō. Photo: U.S. Embassy, Wellington.

Sirocco is a kākāpō who thinks he’s human. He has become an ambassador for his species, New Zealand’s Official Spokesbird for Conservation, and a social media superstar.

Last night’s meeting marks the start of a year long celebration of National Parks by the U.S. Embassy in New Zealand leading up to the centenary of the U.S. National Park Service in 2016.

Follow the conversation between Sirocco and the US Ambassador on Twitter using the hashtag #FeatherDiplomacy.

If you are in Wellington you can visit Sirocco for yourself. The experience lasts around an hour, but will stay with you forever! Book your visit with Sirocco the kākāpō here.