Photo of the week: Baby miromiro

Department of Conservation —  16/12/2015

Today’s photo is of three baby miromiro/North Island tomtits spotted in the pest control area of Opua State Forest over the weekend.

The miromiro is a small bird, about 13 centimeters long with a large head and short bill. It looks similar to a robin and can be found in forest and scrub.

Baby miromiro/tomtits in Opua State Forest. Photo: Bay Bush Action.

These baby birds were spotted by the Bay Bush Action team who are doing an amazing job protecting the biodiversity of Opua State Forest, as well as the shoreline and islands around Paihia.

The long term goal of the group is to protect over a quarter of this forest and to see flocks of kākā and kūkupa return to the back yards of Paihia.

Find our more about Bay Bush Action on their website and on Facebook.

2 responses to Photo of the week: Baby miromiro


    they’re so adorable! ^_^


    oh my gosh – I love seeing Tom Tits but to see their babies how cool! Gorgeous.