Photo of the week: Pōhutukawa in flower

Department of Conservation —  23/12/2015

Today’s photo is of a flowering pōhutukawa tree, photographed by J.E. McGowan.

Pōhutukawa in flower. Photo by J. E. McGowan

Pōhutukawa in flower.

Pōhutukawa are known as New Zealand’s native Christmas tree because of the bright red blooms which decorate the trees during the summer months.

The Project Crimson Trust has made impressive progress re-establishing pōhutukawa nationwide by planting trees, coordinating and supporting a wide range of maintenance activities, scientific research, possum control programmes and public education. Whilst pōhutukawa is no longer threatened species their protection and continued renewal is still vital.

Photo: J.E McGowan – CC by 2.0.

2 responses to Photo of the week: Pōhutukawa in flower


    love it at Christmas when they are flowering. We have huge trees in a garden so it just goes to a massive red with all the birds loving the feast. Merry Xmas.