Photo of the week: Kākāpō chick on Whenua Hou

Department of Conservation —  13/04/2016

Today’s photo of the week is of one of the recent kākāpō to hatch on Whenua Hou/Codfish Island during the 2016 breeding season.

This photo was taken in the hand-rearing room by ranger Jake Osborne.

Kākāpō chick on Whenua Hou. Photo: Jake Osborne.

The first stage of the 2016 breeding season for kākāpō has come to a close, with the last egg of the year hatching last Friday.

This has been the most successful breeding season in the 25-year history of DOC’s Kākāpō Recovery Programme.

Currently, 38 of the chicks are alive and well, although the coming weeks will be crucial as young kākāpō are extremely vulnerable and some may not survive into adulthood.

More information can be found on the DOC website.

One response to Photo of the week: Kākāpō chick on Whenua Hou


    Congratulations on the kakapo chick being born. Keep the fantastic work up. You people there at the Department of Conservation should a huge backing from the government than you do. KEEP THE FANTASTIC WORK UP.
    Peter Black