Photo of the week: Name the Royal Cam chick.

Department of Conservation —  11/05/2016

Our photo of the week is our 4 month old Royal Cam albatross chick and Coastal Otago ranger Lyndon Perriman at Taiaroa Head, Otago Peninsula.


Coastal Otago Ranger Lyndon Perriman announces the competition live on camera. Photo: Laura Honey.

The chick and its chief carer, Lyndon, have built a following of loyal royal watchers who follow the chick’s every move. The Tuesday weigh-in is eagerly anticipated as Lyndon updates viewers on the chick’s progress.

Yesterday at weigh-in a competition was announced to name the chick. Fans who submit names could win a trip to see the albatross at Taiaroa Head with Coastal Otago Ranger Lyndon Perriman and Threatened Species Ambassador Nic Toki.

The winner (and the winning name) will be announced in June.

The soon-to-be-named chick will continue as the star of #RoyalCam until it fledges around September.

2 responses to Photo of the week: Name the Royal Cam chick.

    viginia heady 19/05/2016 at 3:49 pm

    Our family loves and adores this chick- sir beekiie- beekie in our eyes… all the way from
    New Jersey, USA. Thank you for the opportunity of knowing this little fella…We check on him daily. We love watching him grow…Thank you very much!