Eradicating mice from Antipodes Island

Department of Conservation —  23/05/2016

Following three years of planning, the Million Dollar Mouse team is getting ready to depart for Antipodes Island this week where they will carry out major pest control operations over winter.

Mice are the sole mammalian pest species on the island, they predate birds, invertebrates, and plants. If the island’s inhabitants are to thrive, mice need to be eradicated.

Loads of time, resources and planning has gone in to help make this happen. Here’s everything at a glance…


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2 responses to Eradicating mice from Antipodes Island


    Oops, a bit of a typo; mice depredate or prey on birds on the island, they don’t predate them. You could say the endemic birds predate mice (i.e. “exist or occur at a date earlier than”)!

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