A new view of Awaroa

Department of Conservation —  11/07/2016

After support from 39,000 people and $2.2 million dollars in donations, Awaroa (the people’s beach) officially became part of Abel Tasman National Park yesterday.

If visiting is difficult, we can now view the 7 ha paradise from anywhere in the world. A webcam is live, capturing real time images of the beautiful spot.


Images of Awaroa through the webcam.

The camera has been provided by Project Janszoon, a private trust working with DOC to restore the ecology of the Abel Tasman National Park. Project Janszoon’s Director, Devon McLean, says viewing the Abel Tasman via webcam is a way of connecting people with places in the Park they hold special.

There are also webcams looking at Torrent Bay, Anchorage and Astrolabe Roadstead. The cameras take a still photo every 10 minutes, and you can scroll through a days worth of images!

To view Awaroa and Project Janszoon’s other cams, visit http://www.janszoon.org/the-park/webcams/