Photo of the week: Sunset on Antipodes Island

Department of Conservation —  20/07/2016

Today’s photo of the week was taken at sunset on Antipodes Island.

Antipodes Island is one of the lesser known and least visited of New Zealand’s subantarctic islands. It is located 860 kilometres southeast of Stewart Island.

Antipodes Island sunset. Photo: José Luis Herrera.

Last week the ambitious mouse eradication project underway on Antipodes Island was completed ahead of schedule.

Mice are the only introduced predator on the island, which is home to endemic species such as the Reischek’s and Antipodes Island parakeets, Antipodes snipe and pipit, as well as thousands of seabirds and marine mammals.

The total eradication of mice can not be confirmed until a monitoring team visit the island in 2018.

To find out more, visit the Million Dollar Mouse website.