Photo of the week: Haast tokoeka kiwi

Department of Conservation —  27/07/2016

Today’s photo is of a Haast tokoeka kiwi chick—a shy, mountain-loving bird, and one of our rarest kiwi.

More than half the known population of this kiwi live in an actively managed area of the Haast ranges, where the battle continues to save these birds from extinction.


Last week the Minister of Conservation launched the ‘Battle for our Birds’ programme, New Zealand’s largest pest control operation launched in response to a pest plague threatening our vulnerable native wildlife.

This year’s operation will take place at 19 sites, covering more than 720,000 hectares of important conservation land.

More information on the ‘Battle for our Birds’ is available on the DOC website.

Photo: Sabine Bernert ©

5 responses to Photo of the week: Haast tokoeka kiwi

    Reuben Hayward 30/07/2016 at 3:24 pm

    Yay, making a feeble attempt to save our birds by throwing excessive quantities of an eco toxin all over our green country. Good one. Amateurs!


    Perfect timing for this posting. Currently in San Fran and have been telling anyone and everyone about the Kiwi recovery programme and the great progress that has been made for their survival through DOC and others efforts. Well done guys.

      Helen Black 31/07/2016 at 1:07 am

      Are you aware that DoC fetches eggs and incubate them. However15% of the hatched egg in captivity , the kiwis are developing a disease/parasite with high morality. From what I read it does not happen in its natural environment. Something is not right. Money for a study is on the way.


        I did know they take the eggs and incubate them – Kiwi adults aren’t very good parents so the mortality of chicks in the wild due to predators is extremely high without intervention from DOC. I didn’t know about the disease/parasite on the hatched egg in captivity but I’m sure DOC will investigate and get it sorted.

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