Happy Conservation Week!

Department of Conservation —  10/09/2016

Happy Conservation Week!

Conservation Week (10–18 September) is an annual celebration that encourages all New Zealanders to head outdoors and get involved in conservation.

This year DOC is asking people to ‘join the team’ and do their part to help protect our natural environment.


The theme for Conservation Week 2016, ‘Healthy Nature, Healthy People‘, is all about raising awareness of the physical and mental health benefits that nature provides.

Spending time in nature improves our emotional, physical and spiritual health and wellbeing. Studies show that children who spend time outdoors are generally healthier and more creative.

Children who get out into nature also have a better appreciation for the environment and are more likely to remain environmentally conscious in the future.


Conservation Week is a busy week of celebrations. It includes two weekends and it’s jam-packed with inspiring events, activities and competitions to take part in.

Activities and competitions include the National Geocaching Challenge, the Kiwi Guardians Explorer Badge activities and the Dirty Dozen weeds competition.


Check out the Conservation Week website for more inspiring activities and events in your region!

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    Jane Hughes 12/09/2016 at 8:58 am

    Happy Conservation Week everyone 🙂