Photo of the week: Tīeke/saddleback

Department of Conservation —  14/09/2016

Today’s photo is of a tīeke/saddleback in Polhill Reserve, Wellington.

The tīeke belongs to New Zealand’s unique wattlebird family, an ancient group which includes the endangered kōkako and the extinct huia.

Tīeke/saddleback. Photo: Paul Stanley Ward.

Thanks to the great work of the Polhill Restoration Project at keeping predators at bay, the tīeke from Zealandia are expanding beyond the sanctuary fence.

During Conservation Week DOC is encouraging people to ‘join the team’ by helping out with their local restoration groups.

To find out more information on how you can join your local restoration group head to the DOC website.

Photo: Paul Stanley Ward

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    We have such gorgeous birds in NZ. Lots around at the moment enjoying the spring nectar.