Photo of the week: New Zealand pigeon/kererū/kūkū/kukupa

Department of Conservation —  21/09/2016

Today’s photo is of the New Zealand pigeon/kererū/kūkū/kukupa.

The kererū is a large bird with iridescent green and bronze feathers on its head and a smart white vest. The noisy beat of its wings is a distinctive sound in our forests.


Kererū Discovery has started the Great Kererū Count which runs from 16 – 25 September. This is the largest national citizen science project to help scientists understand the numbers and distribution of kererū across New Zealand. To join the count head to the Great Kererū Count website.

For more information on these beautiful birds and how you can help kererū in your region head to the DOC website.

Photo: Josie Beruldsen

One response to Photo of the week: New Zealand pigeon/kererū/kūkū/kukupa


    Saw heaps down at Bruce Bay couple of weekends ago but haven’t seen any up our way – this week. Typically they’ll all come back out once the count is finsihed! lol