Photo of the week: Weed busting on Mana Island

Department of Conservation —  26/10/2016

Uncontrolled weeds are destroying our native landscapes and pushing out native plants and animals.

One such weed is the pretty pink ragwort (Senecio glastifolius).

Mana Island’s seasonal weed-busting team is currently tackling pink ragwort which invades the island’s rugged cliffs.

The island’s residents, like the yellow-crowned kākāriki can be less then helpful in the battle – they feed on and disperse weed seeds across the landscape, keeping our weed rangers busy!

If you would like to know how you can help in the effort to knock back invasive weeds you can check out DOC’s War on Weeds.

Photos: Leon Berard

2 responses to Photo of the week: Weed busting on Mana Island


    It’s a very nasty weed in Hawkes Bay too, and in spite of a remarkably small root system invades and survives on very dry limestone cliffs. Good luck.


    Our landscapes are much prettier without all the pink! Thanks for all your hard work weed rangers.