Photo of the week: Dotterel nest

Department of Conservation —  07/12/2016

Today’s photo of the week is of a New Zealand dotterel/tuturiwhatu nest on a beautiful beach in the Far North.

This endangered bird was once widespread and common, now there are only about 1,700 birds left.

Tuturiwhatu nest, Far North.

It is the time of year when dotterels are laying or have laid their eggs on our beaches. Watch out for nesting dotterels at the beach this summer as nests are easily trampled or disturbed by dogs or vehicles. If you believe you have found a nest please notify your local DOC office.

To draw a predator away from the nests, dotterel parents pretend to be injured. If you see a dotterel doing this, please move away from the area, being careful where you step, as the birds will not return to their nest until you are gone.

Find out more about the endangered New Zealand dotterel/tūturiwhatu on the DOC website.

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