Photo of the week: Government Buildings Historic Reserve

Department of Conservation —  01/02/2017

Her claim to fame is being the largest wooden building in the Southern Hemisphere, but Wellington’s Government Buildings Historic Reserve holds many other secrets to be uncovered on a free guided tour.

Goverment Buildings by night. Photo: Sam O'Leary.

The Icon Heritage Site, protected by DOC, is open for the public to discover with guided tours each Saturday at 11am and 2pm, up until Easter weekend.

The tours take in many of the beautiful features and artefacts of the Old Government Buildings. The building was built from native timber instead of stone to save money, a good thing too – many earthquakes have rattled the capital but done little but dislodge plaster from her flexible frame.

Bookings are not needed for the guided tours, just meet at the main entrance at 15 Lambton Quay. For more information contact the Wellington Visitor Centre or visit the DOC website.