Photo of the week: Mottled petrel/kōrure chick

Department of Conservation —  12/04/2017 — 1 Comment

Today’s photo is of a mottled petrel/kōrure chick on Whenua Hou/Codfish Island off the southern coast of New Zealand.

Although the mottled petrel can be seen over vast areas of the Pacific Ocean, it is endemic because it breeds only at a few sites in southern New Zealand.

This week 67 mottled petrel chicks were relocated from the remote Codfish Island to Maungaharuru near Napier. It’s part of an effort to boost our native seabird populations.

It was the fourth time the species has been moved to the area as part of the Poutiri Ao o Tane project, bringing the total number of relocated birds to more than 200.

Find out more by following Poutiri Ao o Tane on Facebook.

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