10 ways you can volunteer with DOC

Department of Conservation —  24/06/2017 — Leave a comment

It’s National Volunteer Week and we’re honouring the selfless souls who volunteer for conservation—highlighting the diversity of conservation volunteers and volunteer opportunities around New Zealand.

Volunteers play a vital role in conservation in New Zealand. Here are some ideas for how you can be involved:


Record your nature sightings on NatureWatch. This could be anything from a native bird in your garden to an unusual insect.


Learn how to attract native birds to your garden.

©Janice McKenna


Survey your shoreline with Marine Metre Squared, it’s an easy way for anyone to survey the plants and animals living on their local intertidal seashore.


Put on your gumboots and join in a day of native tree planting with your local community. Find out what’s happening near you on NatureSpace.


Organise a coastal clean-up. Rubbish on the coastline is unsightly and is a hazard for people and wildlife. Use the opportunity to advocate for waste minimisation in your local community.

Sandfly Bay volunteers


Get involved in a conservation event near you.


Become a volunteer hut warden or campsite host. You’ll get to stay in some fantastic places and help manage and maintain our huts and campsites.


Maintain DOC tracks, huts or historic sites and spend time in one of New Zealand’s incredible national parks.

Pouakai Hut ©Ross Henderson


Become a wildlife volunteer. Help DOC with wildlife management, surveying or monitoring.


Join a community conservation group. Many groups need help with administrative tasks and organising events.

Whether you have 15 minutes to spare, or a whole day, every minute counts.

Volunteer today.

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