Northland’s first kiwi chicks of the season

Department of Conservation —  25/08/2017

By Jessica Ayres-Greager, Project Administrator

This week I joined DOC ranger and kiwi guru Rolf Fuchs for a day out in the field. This was a special trip to track down Northland’s first kiwi chick of the season!

DOC ranger Rolf Fuchs tracking kiwi.

I went along to assist Rolf, take photos and most importantly learn lots about kiwi!

We were joined by Delaraine, a representative from Ngati Hine, 5 students from Te Horo School and a few other local kids.

Group tracking kiwi in Northland forest.

This was my first time seeing kiwi so it was a special surprise when we found out there were two kiwi chicks where we thought there was only going to be one!

Two new kiwi chicks, Pipiwai and Kauri.

We were there to microchip, measure, weigh the 11 day old kiwi chicks and make sure they were doing fine. The kids named the new kiwi chicks Pipiwai and Kauri.

DOC ranger Rolf Fuchs measuring a new kiwi chick.

After the first task we then went to another spot and checked on an egg that was going to be relocated to Auckland Zoo.

Another surprise there were two eggs! Unfortunately one was no longer alive.

We took the other egg to Robert at the Bird Recovery Centre where it was placed in the incubator. Hopefully this egg will survive.

Kiwi egg in an incubator.

We all had a great day out in the field learning lots about kiwi and I felt very spoilt to have this opportunity to meet Northland’s very first kiwi chicks of the season.

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    What a wonderful opportunity for all involved. So important to be teaching our children the importance of conservation. I love how you involve school children – but how is often a first for adults too.