Photo of the week: Frog blog

Department of Conservation —  26/09/2017

New Zealand’s native species are the big winners at Whareorino Forest following a successful Battle for our Birds operation which resulted in rat numbers tumbling to very low numbers.

Our monitoring results following the pest control operation failed to find any rats, but found something else instead.

Archey's frogs footprints.

Whose footprints are these?

Our native Archey’s frogs were recorded through 7.5% of the rat tracking tunnels after the 1080 operation.

Archey’s frogs benefit from low rat numbers. The remains of Archey’s frogs have often been found in the stomachs of rats in Whareorino so a reduction of rat numbers mean the frogs are now a little safer in their native habitat.

Archey's frog. Photo: James Reardon ©.

Archey’s frog. Photo: James Reardon ©

Find out more about the native Archey’s frog on our website.

4 responses to Photo of the week: Frog blog


    What a gorgeous Archey’s photo!


    If those footprints are frogs, they are amazing! They look like a crown!

    Kim Brandon 26/09/2017 at 8:45 pm

    Fantastic news. Will the media get some of this very positive feedback. Thanks for caring for the frogs


    Love frogs – these ones are gorgeous