Now what? How to live and breathe Conservation Week

Department of Conservation —  22/10/2017

Conservation Week is coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean that we stop protecting, growing, nurturing and caring for our nature.

Here are ways you can turn Conservation Week into a conservation lifetime.

Keep trapping

It’s easy to check your trap regularly and keep the bait fresh when you first put it in your yard. Especially if you’re catching lots of rats and mice. But it’s also easy to forget about your backyard trap when you’re not catching many. The birds and lizards in your garden are still vulnerable though, and the best way you can protect them is by keeping up your trapping efforts.


Plan to plant more natives

Planting a native during Conservation Week was a great start, but don’t stop there! Natives can be planted throughout the year, and by continuing to plant them in your garden you will be providing food and shelter for many of our native animals.

Tatters - Mahoe.jpg

Native Mahoe. Photo: Tatters

If you run out of space in your backyard, see if there is a community group in your area that you can join. Many community groups throughout the country are restoring forests, wetlands and beaches by re-planting them with natives.

Make conservation a habit

How good did it feel to be getting involved in conservation this week, making a difference for New Zealand’s plants and animals? That feeling doesn’t have to go away! Make conservation something you take part in regularly.

Plan to do something for the environment at least once a week. You could maintain a trap line, volunteer for conservation or pick up rubbish while you walk along the beach. Change it up, explore the options in your area and do what you love.

JMace (15) rock wren.jpg

Rock wren. Photo: Jack Mace

Join a community group for regular motivation

Many local conservation community groups meet regularly to look after their local area. Joining one of the groups near you is a great way to be regularly reminded to get out and look after our nature. Plus, you’ll meet like-minded neighbours and maybe even make a friend or two!

If there isn’t one near you, start one

A great way to start a predator-free community group is by getting in touch with your local Predator Free Ranger. They’ll be able to help you explore options and provide information to get you started.

Kaka on pohutukawa Leon Berard.PNG

Make time to get outside and explore our big, beautiful New Zealand backyard

Spending time in nature is great for your health and wellbeing, so get out there and make it Conservation Week every week.

HFT - Sun Set On Martins Bay Beach.jpg

It’s Conservation Week from the 14th – 22nd of October. Get involved by protecting, growing, nurturing and caring for our nature.