Photo of the week: White weka

Department of Conservation —  14/01/2018

Today’s photo of the week was taken outside the Larrikin Creek hut in Kahurangi National Park. It might not look like one of our native birds, but it is. This is a leucistic weka.

James Gibson - 1000 acre - img 4.jpg

Photo: James Gibson

Leucism is a condition similar to albinism, where animals lack pigmentation. The condition causes pale, or patchy skin, hair, feathers or scales. It differs from albinism as it doesn’t affect an animal’s eyes, which are generally pink or red in albino individuals.

3 responses to Photo of the week: White weka

    Kim Brandon 15/01/2018 at 9:50 pm

    My favourite national park the Kahurangi….fantastic photo of a very different weka. Wow. Never would have thought they looked can look like that.


    What a cutie! We narrowly missed running over a weka chick on the Arthur’s Pass highway this morning after scooted across the road right in front of us. So glad we didn’t the wee feller (or felless). We need as many as we can get to keep impersonating kiwi for the tourists, right? 🙂

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