Unicycling through Molesworth Station

Department of Conservation —  24/01/2018

Endurance sportsman Lee Griggs tells us about his attempt to cycle the Molesworth Station on a unicycle to raise funds for mental health.

Living in the Lower Awatere Valley, I often gaze up the valley in awe of its natural beauty, defined by its guardian like figure of Mount Tapuae-o-Uenuku. It’s a valley renowned locally for its picture perfect sunsets.

The Molesworth Station.

The Molesworth Station

Having travelled through the valley once before I have a fairly good idea of what lies ahead when the sun goes down. The Awatere Valley is the gateway to the Molesworth Station, managed by DOC as a recreation reserve.

Lee Griggs learning to unicycle.

Learning to unicycle

Molesworth is also New Zealand’s largest farm station, nearly equal in size to Rakiura/Stewart Island. It’s a place renowned for its extremes. Plummeting temperatures through the winter months and scorching temperatures during the summer, steep hills and vast plateaus. A place where true pioneering spirit was needed to settle and farm the challenging conditions.

This seemed like the ideal place to take on a challenge of my own, a challenge that would get people talking, and help raise awareness for mental health. Something that I had struggled with myself and seen a few too many others struggle with too.

So it was decided. I would ride a unicycle, from Oak Tree Cottage in the Lower Awatere, 182 kilometres over the Gravel Roads of the Molesworth Station to Hanmer Springs. Easy, but first I would have to learn to ride a unicycle.

Lee Griggs learning to unicycle.

Learning to unicycle

And so this is what I’ve been doing for the last 6 months, practice, practice, practice. With two and a half months to go until I take on the trip at Easter, my one wheeled friend ‘Gladys’ and I are well on task to accomplish the challenge. I haven’t set a time I want to achieve it in, this mission was big enough, besides I want to enjoy it, I want to take in the stunning country I will be riding through, not looking at a watch the whole way. I’m expecting it to take between 3-4 days, camping overnight at the DOC campsites along the way.

Molesworth Cob Cottage Campsite.

Molesworth Cob Cottage Campsite

If you wish to follow the progress or make a donation to the Mental Health Foundation, please follow the links below. And if you’re travelling through the Molesworth on Easter weekend, please drive safely as a crazy unicyclist could be around the corner.

Donate to the Molesworth Unicycle

Follow Lee’s unicycling attempt on Facebook. To support Lee with a donation head to the Mental Health Foundation website.

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