Royal Cam season 4 – beyond albatross

Department of Conservation —  01/05/2019

Introducing this year’s Royal Cam Theme “Beyond Albatross”. Over the next 5 months – until the Royalcam chick fledges – we’ll be taking a look at the wider population of Taiaroa head in a monthly blog series.

While one particular large fluffy chick always gets a lot of attention, we want to profile other species, some of whom do make the occasional guest appearance on the webcam.

From the world’s smallest penguin to an extremely rare shag, we will look at how young creatures are coping with human induced changes in their environment – and how the Department is helping conservation efforts.

We’ll also be talking a bit about the things you can do at home to help improve their chances of survival, or to help conservation work in your local area.

The albatross chicks are still to fledge from the previous summers breeding. Whereas the next season will be underway for other species soon. Otago shags start breeding in May, and little blue penguins start in July.

Did you know that the Otago Harbour in the background has a greater diversity of seabirds than any other harbour in New Zealand?

Sadly, the threats to these species are many – including habitat loss, pollution, predation and human induced disturbance.

Red bill gulls frequent the Taiaroa head carpark

When you arrive at Taiaroa Head, you may not see albatross straight away and some species you may not see at all unless you are lucky and know where to look.

As reported by Stuff earlier in the year – The world’s most threatened gull calls New Zealand home, but most Kiwis don’t know it.

It doesn’t take a 3m wing span to be interesting and worth protecting. Join us for useful tips on what you can do to protect these other threatened species that live just beyond the Royalcam.

Look out for more in this series, published monthly.

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    Robyne Hosking 01/05/2019 at 4:15 pm

    Why do the gulls do that dance please.