Conservation Week winners: #NatureThroughNewEyes

Department of Conservation —  27/08/2020

We hope you had a fantastic Conservation Week last week and got the chance to spend some time in nature, either at a local reserve or park, in your backyard or by digitally admiring the wonders of nature.

You might have also noticed that we ran a macro photography competition on Instagram to encourage more people to experience #NatureThroughNewEyes.

After hours of poring over the more than 3,000 entries, we can reveal the winner.

Drum roll please…


Congratulations Roland D from Maungatapere!

His photo of a jumping spider is stunning and the judges agreed that it really hit all the criteria – it was interesting, creative, technically well-executed, with good colour, perspective and composition.

Roland described the photo:

“A male jumping spider stops to check out the funny looking hairless ape. Because our garden is extensively planted with native plants we are regularly visited by many of New Zealand’s endemic creatures in this case a jumping spider patrolling his territory outside my front door.”


Congratulations to Luke Gardener from Christchurch!

Luke described capturing the shot:

“We have been planting numerous natives around the family home I grew up in Dunedin. I happened to be visiting last week and it rained most of the week. However, I noticed how much brighter the coprosma stems were after rain when laden with water. I took a few shots and I was most pleased with this one because it was hard to tell that it was plant, it could easily have been an image of neural pathways in the brain, or a celestial body.”

Our winner and runner-up will both recieve a Canon prize pack of a premium camera, two lenses, and a carrier bag. Both prizes were generously provided by Canon New Zealand.

Thanks to everyone who entered the competition. You can check out the other amazing entries submitted into the competition below or over on Instagram.


One response to Conservation Week winners: #NatureThroughNewEyes


    Mesmerizing creation. The spider’s eyes is so bright. The runner up was good too. Great job to the judges!