Rangatahi mō Papatūānuku – coming up with your story

Department of Conservation —  12/02/2021

Rangatahi mō Papatūānuku is a video competition for rangatahi aged 16-25 years old. Create a video sharing your ideas on how to ensure Papatūānuku thrives and win prizes. We’re providing useful online workshops covering everything from planning, shooting, editing to uploading your video.

Workshop 1 – Coming up with your story

We are offering help to rangatahi who’d like support to make their videos for the Rangatahi mō Papatūānuku video competition. DOC has teamed up with Storybox – experienced storytellers and digital content producers, to provide interactive online workshops for rangatahi to join in wherever they are! These are in addition to the three videos presented by Sonny Ngatai and Puawai Taiapa which you can see on social media

Yesterday, we had our very first workshop named ‘Coming up with your Story’. So, for those of you who couldn’t join in, kei te pai! Carry on reading and we’ll fill you in on what we got up to! 

These are your workshop facilitators! 

During the workshop

To start off the workshop, Te Mahara, an 18-year-old filmmaker from Kaitaia, joined us as a guest facilitator and opened the workshop with a quick karakia and we all introduced ourselves.

Hannah and I have been working hard promoting the competition and encouraging participation throughout the country. I (Ngato) talked about why this kaupapa is so important. DOC is running this video competition as a means of enabling and uplifting rangatahi voices and showcasing their perspectives on ways we can ensure Papatūānuku can thrive.

Te Mahara ran us through a lesson about storytelling for video and online viewers, and why it is so important to keep it in mind when making your video. However, an important point he also made was storytelling through a Māori perspective and how it is unique when telling your stories. See below what he had to say.

We also talked about the different styles used in documentary filmmaking and how these styles could possibly be used to help shape a 2-minute factual video. Having made the ‘Shot Bro’ documentary herself, Jess talked us through the different styles of documentary filmmaking and showed examples of each one.

Jess noted that documentary filmmaking can be shown in more than one way. Have a look through this resource to spark some ideas on how you could showcase your 2-minute factual video!

What you can do

For those who couldn’t join us yesterday go get a paper, some snacks and ask yourself these questions to help you brainstorm ideas for your 2-minute factual video!

What do you want to make your video about?

( Note: Think about stories you’ve heard from your elders or even friends, what you wish you could have seen however may not be able to now, what you see now, or  what you would like to see)

How do you want your video to look like?

(Note: Think of places you’d like to show in your video, people you may want to interview, colours you may want to incorporate when in the video did you want to show them)

Who is your audience?

(Note: Whether you want your Koro to watch it, your cousins or even make it for your baby sibling when they grow older, keep in mind who you want to make this video for)

As workshop facilitators, we want to make these workshops as comfortable as possible. We’ll be providing filmmaking tips and suggestions and then you can choose how to use them in your video. Our next workshop, ‘Planning and Preparation’ is in its name as we’ll be helping you plan what you need and can do to shoot your video.

So, bring your ideas and join us next Thursday the 18th so we can help you plan your stories. To join in on the workshop, simply click on this zoom link and we’ll see you there at 4 pm on Thursday. If you have any problems trying to join the workshop or have any questions, please email us at rangatahivids@doc.govt.nz and we’ll be happy to help you out!

In the meantime, check out these how-to videos presented by Sonny and Puawai on DOC’S YouTube channel to help you with your 2-minute factual video.

For any more information about the competition, check it out here:  www.doc.govt.nz/rangatahivids