9 things to know about our new weather forecasting service

Department of Conservation —  02/03/2021

We’ve partnered with NIWA Weather for our new weather forecasting service and the result is a new website for up to date weather forecasts. ☀️ 🌧️ 🏔️

Here are 9 things that you should know about it… 👇

1. Weather updates

The weather forecast information updates 4 times per day – this ensures that visitors to our parks and our staff alike can make informed decisions when it comes to safely undertaking activities. 🏞️

2. A brand new website

Head over and check out the new website. When you first land on the new site, you’ll notice two tabs:

1️⃣  National Weather: provides forecast information for 47 urban locations

2️⃣  Parks Weather: provides forecast information for each National Park

Let’s explore the features of “Parks Weather”…

3. Parks weather

Within each park, you’ll notice more locations like:

📍  Huts

📍  Lodges

📍  Passes

📍  Visitor centres

…and other locations of interest.

4. Parks information

Each location has a range of information available, including:

🌤️  Five-day weather overview

🌬️  Hourly & three-hourly weather forecasts

📃  Printable forecast info

🎥  Park weather video

⚠️  Possible weather hazards

Sunrise Hut. Photo: Jack Mace

5. Weather hazards

The weather hazards information provides insight on the chance for things like heavy rain, strong winds, and extreme temperatures over the next three days:

🟡  Some – you may encounter the hazard

🟠  Medium – prepare to encounter the hazard

🔴  High – expect to encounter the hazard

6. Weather videos

Each park weather video includes the following forecast info, in high detail:

💧  Rainfall

☁️  Cloud

💨  Winds

🏞️  River flows

🗓️  Extended-range

Check out an example ▶️

7) Going out of cell range?

No problem! You can print the forecast and take it with you. Give the “Print Summary” button a click. 🖨️


8) Weather forecasters

Each day, one of NIWA Weather’s forecasters will present a national weather hazard overview – this is a great starting place to gain an understanding of the forecast before drilling down.

Check out an example ▶️

9) More features!

The features just keep coming! Here’s what else you’ll find:

🌞  UV Index

🌊  Tides

🧑‍🔬 NIWA Weather Twitter feed

So before heading out on your next tramp, walk, or adventure in Aotearoa New Zealand – head over and check out the new website: weather.niwa.co.nz/parks

2 responses to 9 things to know about our new weather forecasting service


    Sometimes you just look your cellphone for weather forecast. Everything is pretty ahandy with the new technology. Everything seems fast paced.


    Jonathan Dodd 03/03/2021 at 7:11 am

    This is a good start but needs to be expanded as there are many tramping areas and DOC huts that are not in National Parks, eg ‘conservation parks’ or ‘forest parks’. Linking to this page from the DOC site and NIWA homepage would be good too.